Faster Than A Speeding Douche Bag

I'm nominating Superman for the Super Hero Douchie. Has no one ever heard of beating a dead dog into the ground? Hello? This is one franchise that should have been left in the past. What was the point of Superman Returns? The same and only point they have ever made. A complete and total douche bag, wearing blue tights no less, has only one weakness: A bald guy who always manages to find a chunk of kryptonite. WTF? I was there for the first FOUR movies and I don't need the same old story to be replayed with a 300 billion dollar FX budget. Bring back Richard Pryor, forget the half-pennies, and just give him the money instead of making this piece of shit film. "I love Lois but I have to be a homo if I want to lover her." Right, I remember now! If superboy wants to love a woman he has to become a total homo who can't even fight off a hillbilly trucker in a greasy diner in bum fuck egypt. A lot of good that will do him trying to sustain Lois' orgasms. What kind of super hero is that? Teaching boys that loving women makes them loose their strength and makes them terrorist loving freedom haters! Douche..... Bag...


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